Thermal camera
April 29 2020

Several companies are announcing these days solutions for detecting fever or Covid-19. Secur-Icare believes it is important to correct certain information and better inform these customers so that they can make informed choices.
Firstly, all the cameras offered are skin temperature detection cameras. They therefore do not detect fever or the virus. A person can get the virus without having symptoms of fever. Also the temperature of the skin which is detected by the cameras can be influenced by several factors which are not necessarily related to fever or a virus. A person who was in the sun, for example, just before taking the temperature will have a skin temperature much higher than their body temperature.
Second, to have an accurate detection of internal body temperature the camera must have enough resolution to be able to detect heat from the corner of the eye near the nose. This is the place in the face that is closest to body temperature. To do this, people must stop for a few seconds between the camera and a constant calibration system. A camera that detects people in motion or in a crowd measures the largest and most visible parts of the figure, which gives inaccurate information.
However, the configuration of the calibration system, the distance, the ambient conditions and the physiology of the subject will all strongly affect the screening performance and must be carefully taken into account and managed.
The majority of the solutions often proposed may require investments of $ 10,000 to $ 20,000.
Secur-Icare has an economical solution starting at $ 3000 to help detect skin temperature. This solution should be used as a preliminary detection and prevention tool in addition to other detection tools.