Security systems and networking

95% of people are honest, there’s still ONE out TWENTY who may fraud you. Secur-Icare helps you since 2000 to reduce your losses. We are specialized in commercial, institutional and industrial installation. We can offer turnkey projects for all your security system and networking needs. Our team covers the regions of Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.


Secur-Icare has a clear mission: "Impress our customers". We carry out this mission every day by our professionalism, our technical knowledge, our fast and efficient customer service. To achieve our mission, we make sure that all our decisions respect our three core values: Justice, Trust and Happiness. It is very important to us that all our employees understand and adhere to our mission and values. All their actions are done and thought to achieve this common goal.


In recent years, new technology has greatly influenced our industry, communication between people and systems has become inevitable. Thus, safety equipment becomes essential in our lives.


It is difficult for a contractor or a manager to keep up with rapidly evolving technologies, which is why Secur-Icare has a dedicated technology team to always be in touch with new technologies. We are proud to be recognized by our clients as a reference for "new technologies".


Since our company began its video surveillance activities in the year 2000, the expertise and the team we have built ensure:

  • A judicious choice of the latest technology components, according to your needs and our knowledge of the methods used by fraudsters.

  • The choice of a reliable system, easy to use.

Over the years, the available products have multiplied, and prices have decreased. With this in mind, we evaluate all prices and all sources; we are therefore able to suggest the best value for money.


Our team is continually put in contact with new technologies so that we can suggest the most cost-effective system, depending on your situation and what is available on the market.


Our expertise is more specific to retail, industrial, institutional and government.