Analytical camera & Facial recognition

Retail business

Would you like to be notified the second a suspect enters your establishment? How many times have you posted a picture of a suspect in the staff room hoping someone will intercept him on his next visit? How many times have you managed to prevent theft from the suspect's entrance or based on his or her behavior? With our analytical and facial recognition systems, it is now possible to make a real automated prevention. Our systems can detect suspicious behavior of an individual in your store and for example send an SMS to the manager or a message to your audio system. We can also identify people of interest who will be automatically identified when they enter your business.


Analytical video surveillance

Do you have a construction site, a car dealership or an outdoor yard to watch? Are you still paying for security guards who only watch a fraction of your property for an exorbitant cost? We have a proven solution to prevent your losses in an extremely efficient way: analytic video surveillance.


The solution is to equip your property with analytical smart cameras that can detect intruders the second they enter your property. Once detected, the video stream is instantly displayed to an agent at the CCTV, which activates a speaker on the spot and orally transmits the message that the customer has chosen. The continuous operator monitored this camera as long as the intruder did not leave. If the intruder remains on the spot, the police services are called and move urgently, because this event is considered a crime in action, so very urgent. The operator of the plant will keep in constant communication with the police on the ground to direct them to the intruders.


This system has been installed at several clients who have completely eliminated their losses and their cost of security guards. The return on investment of this system is very short.